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Moreau Receives Saratoga Foundation Donation

The Home of the Good Shepherd was awarded a grant in the amount of $7,000 from The Saratoga Foundation to purchase the It’s Never 2 Late (in2L) customizable Mobile Flex computer and software system for our Moreau community.

This program allows our residents to utilize technology in a meaningful way and to “stay connected” with family and friends. The system also offers other fun and therapeutic activities specifically for seniors residing in Assisted Living and Enhanced Assisted Living communities such as virtual travel, brain teasers, virtual flying and cycling, and music therapy to name a few.

We are very thankful to The Saratoga Foundation for their generous grant award and look forward to continuing to provide all our residents with superior and customized care.  

Jan. 23, 2017 | Categories:


Dorma R, Daughter of Resident

"My 84-year old mother never imagined that she would be so happy at Home of the Good Shepherd! She loves the staff and enjoys the company of fellow residents. She can't believe how much there is to do and she loves not having to cook or clean anymore! Thank you for creating such a wonderful place.."

Donna L, Resident

"It was a difficult decision to face moving to an Assisted Living residence. I researched several places before deciding on Home of the Good Shepherd. Having settled in, all I can say is that I wished I'd made the decision about a year sooner. I love everything this place! The quality of my life has improved tenfold."