6 Tips for a Smooth Transition to a Memory Care Community

When moving a parent or loved one into a memory care community, there’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with making the transition. One of the most important tasks is ensuring that the moving experience is a smooth one because that lays the groundwork for long-term success. 

Here are some key ideas to get ready for the move and to help seniors thrive once they’re in their new residence:


Don’t Announce the Move Too Far in Advance

It’s a good idea to avoid talking about the move until within a week or so from when it’s scheduled. This helps seniors minimize what’s called anticipation anxiety which may trigger some extreme behaviors and will help keep them calmer during the transition. 


Make Things Feel Familiar

Bring familiar items to the memory care residence so it will feel more like home. Furniture, quilts and blankets, photos, and other familiar items can provide comfort during the transition. Make sure you pack these items subtly to avoid spiking their anxiety or raising suspicion about a move. 


Work Closely with Memory Care Staff

In preparation for helping your loved one make a transition to memory care, it’s vital to meet with staff to go over their background, medical and mental health history, and medications so all the details are covered before moving day. 

At Home of the Good Shepherd, we provide customized care plans based on an individual’s needs after discussions with the resident, family members, and healthcare providers involved in the senior’s care. 


Have a Positive Attitude

For family members who are managing the transition, it’s important to stay positive. Loved ones will pick up on any sadness or frustration and if you’re overwhelmed by the moving process, they are likely to mirror your feelings. Emphasize the benefits of their new memory care community such as how nice their new room is and the social opportunities they will enjoy to get them excited about the move.


Take Care of Yourself

At Home of the Good Shepherd, we realize that Alzheimer’s affects the entire family, not just the individual. It’s a difficult time so make sure to get extra rest, exercise, and take some time for yourself.  To make sure everyone’s needs are addressed, we hold family council and care plan meetings to assist families with the pragmatic and emotional issues that arise during a time of evolving change and transition. 


Be Patient While Seniors Adjust

Once the move is complete it’s important to realize that it can take several weeks for a loved one with Alzheimer’s to adjust to their new home. While this part of the transition can be difficult, you can help by encouraging them to participate in activities and interact with other residents. Eventually, this support will help the seniors feel secure as their environment becomes more familiar.


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