What to Do When the Holidays Leave You Concerned About an Aging Parent

Holidays are usually happy times – great food, fun activities, and a chance to catch up with relatives. But the holidays can bring stress, as well. (And we don’t mean cooking the perfect turkey or having to be nice to that cousin with crazy opinions!)

No matter who’s hosting, the holidays may bring you face-to-face with the fact that your parents are aging. After the celebrations are over, you may be left with concerns about your aging parents.

Signs to Watch For

Aging is a natural process, of course; however, it can become problematic if the aging person is struggling to function. Gray hair and wrinkles are normal. Falls are a problem. Here are some things to watch for:

Safety Concerns

Falls can indicate balance issues. As bones get more brittle with age, even a minor fall can cause a bad break and lots of problems.  Does your loved one seem a bit unsteady on their feet? Maybe it’s time for a cane or walker.

Unable to Keep Up With Housework or Yardwork

If the celebration’s at your parents’ place, notice if the cleaning and upkeep are up to the usual standards. If not, it may be time to get some assistance.

Isolated Socially

This may be hard to spot in the midst of the holiday bustle; however, you can listen for clues and even ask a few questions to find out how socially active your loved ones are. You can suggest community organizations that cater to seniors. Encourage your loved ones to get involved.

Persistent Mental Confusion

Everyone forgets things so don’t get concerned about occasional slips. If a parent is obviously struggling, it may be time to consider a memory care facility or a home health aide.

Health Problems

Serious health problems, like Parkinson’s, may make a move to assisted living necessary. Your aging parent will get the care they need.

Sharing your concerns with your aging parents

Chances are your parents are aware of the issues you’ve noticed. They may even appreciate having those concerns voiced by you. We recommend you have an open, loving discussion of the issues and share your suggestions for solutions. Those solutions might include:

  • Assistance with cleaning, repairs, etc.
  • Home health aides
  • Medical equipment
  • Local senior and community organizations
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Memory care facilities

Listen carefully and respectfully to your parents’ thoughts, and don’t expect a quick and easy resolution. It may take a while, and it may involve some experimentation, but working together will yield good solutions.

Explore Local Assisted Living Options in Saratoga County

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