Let’s Debunk Some Common Myths About Senior Living

Whenever the topic of senior living comes up in a conversation someone will inevitably chime in with a negative comment that doesn’t have any truth to it. At Home of the Good Shepherd, we’ve heard quite a few myths about senior living over the years. Let’s debunk some of the most common myths we hear


Don’t go to senior living until you’re old or sick

While senior communities do focus on different levels of care for seniors, they also offer services and amenities that are ideal for seniors at various stages of retirement. Moving into senior living at an earlier age not only makes the move easier, but it gives seniors more time to take advantage of services and amenities without the responsibilities associated with owning their residence. 

Seniors at Home of the Good Shepherd enjoy a continuum of care that includes assisted living, enhanced assisted living, and memory care that offers great care and amenities for everyone.


You’ll get bored in a senior community

At Home of the Good Shepherd, everyone is as busy as they would like to be. We offer residents an activity calendar with a wide variety of social and recreational opportunities including trips to parks, shopping malls, nearby lakes, local museums, music venues, and even visits to Saratoga Race Course. At home, residents enjoy exercise classes, bingo, parties, movies, visits from therapy dogs, arts & crafts and more. 


I’ll lose my independence

Our assisted living services provide a level of care above independent living, and we encourage residents to maintain their independence and autonomy while they age in place. The staff at Home of the Good Shepherd creates a personal care plan for residents that focuses on meeting their needs with an emphasis on how we will balance support services with their ability to continue living as independently as possible.


Senior residences are small or crowded

When it comes to living spaces, Home of the Good Shepherd offers plenty of accommodating floor plans at our Malta, Moreau, WiltonSaratoga, and Memory Care locations. Seniors can choose from a layout that works best for them and live in a small, tight-knit community where they can receive individualized services while remaining active and socially engaged.


Senior communities cost too much

When people begin to consider a move to a retirement community, it’s easy to look at the cost and think it’s too expensive. It’s helpful to look at the price from another perspective and compare the budget for maintaining a home to living in a senior community. Once you factor in costs for home maintenance, taxes, utilities, etc. the gap closes considerably and shows that senior living is a financially viable option.


Medical care is not good

Some people think that the level of medical care provided in senior communities doesn’t compare well to the healthcare they have access to from their primary physician or provider. At Home of the Good Shepherd, we licensed nurses and care managers on staff who work with the resident’s Primary Care Physician to meet healthcare needs. 

Transportation is also available to residents’ current physicians and healthcare providers to ensure there is no interruption to any necessary care. 


Learn More About Saratoga Senior Living

Joining the Home of the Good Shepherd community means seniors have chosen a place where they can live safely and comfortably in an environment that fosters their independence and encourages them to fully enjoy the golden years. To learn more about our senior living communities and schedule a tour, contact us today.